Innovative Window Solutions for Modern Construction Projects

Discovering the Future of Windows: Cutting-Edge Designs for Modern Builds

The construction industry is constantly evolving, and modern construction projects demand innovative solutions, particularly in window designs. Frank™, a leader in the window manufacturing industry, offers a range of products that cater to this need, blending aesthetics, energy efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology. In this post, we'll explore these innovative window solutions that are shaping the future of modern construction.

1. Enersense: The Hybrid Wonder

The Enersense window series stands out as a high-performing hybrid option. With a 5-3/4” deep frame combining vinyl/wood or cellular PVC, it offers a dual or triple-glazed option. Its aesthetics are impressive, providing an interior available in cherry, oak, pine, and cellular PVC, making it a versatile choice for modern construction​​.

2. Prism: More Light, Less Frame

Prism windows redefine modern architecture with their sleek, minimalistic design. Featuring a 4 9/16” vinyl frame, Prism windows offer less frame and more glass, allowing for enhanced natural light. Engineered for bigger openings and available with double or true triple panes, they are perfect for contemporary structures​​.

3. CORE+: Versatility and Style

CORE+ windows are known for their reliable performance and timeless style. With a 4 9/16” vinyl frame, these windows are ideal for various applications, providing recessed glass and enhanced energy efficiency. Their deeper frame allows for a wide range of design possibilities, suitable for both traditional and modern homes​​.

4. CORE: Renovation-Ready Excellence

The CORE window series is specifically designed for renovations. It features a 3 ¼” vinyl frame, available in casements, hungs, and sliders. Its cost-effectiveness and panoramic shapes make it a popular choice for updating older buildings with a modern touch​​.

5. TANGO: The Innovative Tilt & Turn

The TANGO series introduces an innovative tilt-and-turn function, providing European-style in-swing and tilt-in options for ventilation. Its 4 ½” all-vinyl frame and concealed hardware system offer a sleek and functional design, perfect for modern constructions looking for a unique window solution​​.

Conclusion: Shaping Modern Architecture

Frank™'s range of window solutions offers something for every modern construction project. From hybrid designs to minimalist aesthetics and versatile options, these windows not only meet the functional requirements of contemporary buildings but also add an element of sophisticated design. Choosing the right window can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a construction project, making it crucial to consider these innovative options.

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