When you choose windows from Frank, you get access to endless customization and industry-leading performance. With four distinct product lines and limitless options, Frank is your window solution for a replacement, renovation, or new construction.



Renovation-Ready Excellence

Transform Your Renovation: Explore our window solution perfectly suited for renovation projects. Achieve the ideal combination of style and functionality with our purpose-built window, expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into your renovation plans.



Reliable Performance, Timeless Style

Discover the perfect blend of reliability and performance with this window line. Designed to meet your essential needs without compromising on quality, these windows offer exceptional functionality and lasting value.



Embrace Contemporary Elegance

Elevate your space with our contemporary, high-end windows featuring 18% more glass exposure. Experience a seamless connection to the outdoors, abundant natural light, and modern design.



Elegant hybrid window

Crafted with a blend of wood and vinyl, it combines the timeless charm of wood on the interior with the low-maintenance, weather-resistant qualities of vinyl on the exterior. Enjoy the beauty of wood and the longevity of vinyl in one exceptional window. Explore our range and elevate your space today.