Revolutionize Your Space with Frank™ Sliding Doors - Moose+, Urbania, Loft

Sliding doors are not just functional elements in a home; they are pivotal in transforming spaces, enhancing aesthetics, and improving the quality of living. Frank™'s Moose+, Urbania, and Loft series represent the pinnacle of sliding door innovation, combining style with functionality.

Moose+ Series: Elevated Function and Feel

Moose+ Series Overview:

The Moose+ series is an evolution of the classic Canadian patio door. It's designed for effortless operation, offering enhanced precision rollers, a full mill-finished aluminum sill plate, and integrated reinforcements. This series ensures that the doors maintain their form and function for decades.

Key Features:

Smooth Gliding: Precision rollers for effortless operation. Durability: Reinforced structure ensuring longevity. Design: Elegant design suitable for a variety of architectural styles.

Urbania Series: The Reinvention of Aluminum Sliding Doors

Urbania Series Overview:

Urbania challenges the status quo with its innovative design. This series offers center opening and offset configurations, providing a statement piece for any space. Urbania combines unparalleled performance with panoramic views in two or four-panel configurations.

Key Features:

Modern Aesthetics: Sleek design with less frame and more glass. Flexible Configurations: Options for different opening styles to suit various architectural needs. Panoramic Views: Expansive glass panels for unobstructed views.

Loft Series: Maximizing Light and View

Loft Series Overview:

The Loft series is ideal for new constructions and renovations. It features oversized glass panels with a lift & slide mechanism, allowing the creation of substantial patio doors. The Loft series is engineered for harsh climates and comes with standard multipoint locking mechanisms.

Key Features:

Expansive Glass Panels: Oversized panels for more light and better views. Innovative Mechanism: Lift & slide for easy operation, even with large panels. Security: Multipoint locking for peace of mind.

Frank™'s Moose+, Urbania, and Loft sliding door series offer homeowners innovative solutions to transform their living spaces. These doors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home but also bring in more natural light, improve functionality, and ensure security. Whether for a classic or modern home, Frank™ has a sliding door solution to meet every need and style.

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