Selecting the Right Windows for Your Home Style

Choosing the right windows for your home is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. FrankWD's diverse window collections cater to different home styles, ensuring you find the perfect match. This blog post will guide you through selecting the ideal windows from FrankWD's range for your specific home style.

Understanding Your Home Style

First, identify your home's architectural style. Is it modern, traditional, or something in between? This initial step is key to finding windows that complement your home's character.

FrankWD's Window Collections

1. Enersense: The Elevated Choice for Discerning Homeowners

Best for: Traditional and classic homes. Features: Offers a smooth, paintable interior surface or warm wood trim finish in a robust 5-3/4” deep frame. Why Choose Enersense: Its versatility in finish options makes it perfect for homes that blend classic and contemporary elements.

2. Prism: Modern Aesthetics with More Light

Best for: Contemporary and minimalist homes. Features: Slim profile, more glass, less frame, and commercial-level performance ratings. Why Choose Prism: Ideal for modern homes seeking to maximize natural light and embrace sleek, clean lines.

3. Core +: The Versatile and Value-Driven Option

Best for: A wide range of home styles, especially renovations. Features: 4-9/16” deep frame for better comfort and energy performance. Recognized as Energy Star’s Most Efficient. Why Choose Core +: Its adaptability makes it suitable for various home styles, especially for homeowners looking for energy efficiency.

4. Core: Retrofitting with a Touch of Modernity

Best for: Older homes and retrofit projects. Features: 3 ¼” frame depth, easy installation, and modern window technology. Why Choose Core: Perfect for maintaining the original feel of older homes while upgrading to modern window efficiency.

5. Tango: Innovative Tilt & Turn Functionality

Best for: European-style and avant-garde homes. Features: Tilt and turn functionality, deep frame for better energy efficiency, and concealed hardware for a sleek look. Why Choose Tango: Offers a unique European flair and functional versatility, ideal for homes with an architectural edge.

Selecting the right windows from FrankWD’s collections can significantly enhance your home's style and functionality. Whether your home is traditionally elegant, boldly modern, or uniquely eclectic, FrankWD has a window solution tailored to your needs.

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